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Gadwel Features


Gadwel tools operate using custom features specifically built for ease of use and collaborative efficiency. This tackles problems such as error control, reusability and time consumption.

With Gadwel's unique ribbon, your team's focus can shift from repetitive and redundant tasks to achieving maximum output, giving more time for analysis and improvement.

Gadwel Analytics Insights

All Gadwel tools are built to analyze data and present visual analytics

The Ribbon

Below are some of the main features used in Gadwel's tools to help automate processes and enhance collaboration within the organization.


Navigate between different views within any tool with the click of a button

Gadwel Navigate
Gadwel Navigate


Generate fully formatted and designed sheets from within the main page

Gadwel New Sheet


Add, delete and edit sections of rows and columns with automatic design formatting

Gadwel Add Delete Section


Export any view within the tool to PDF with automatic resizing of the print view

Gadwel Export PDF


Assign team members with tasks and import their data for analysis

Gadwel Import Tasks

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